Biggest Home Renovation Errors

If you live in an older home with its original fixtures, chances are you may need some major updates to keep the sinks and tubs looking fresh. Finding mint-condition vintage fixtures is time-consuming and expensive, but modern fixtures don’t quite jive with a vintage room. Instead, consider refinishing your porcelain, fiberglass, or cast-iron fixtures. The process is far more affordable and can be completed fairly quickly.

Epoxy paint is a great addition to designing your concrete floor. Many people use them because it is very durable and has resistance to chemicals, which is ideal for garages and basements, plus it looks very attractive. Before you get started painting, you have to make floor preparations. Epoxy paints have come out with water based types for a friendly use. It may cost a little more than stains; you could end up spending around $200 for materials to complete this project.

This is a very easy look to create no matter what your home looks like. We are going to create this look by turning your home back into “a blank canvas”. Go to your local hardware store and buy some white primer paint, white or eggshell white semi-gloss paint. You do not particularly want flat pint as this paint will not protect your wall from getting scuff marks and dirty marks all along the wall. This is especially true if you have pets or rambunctious children! You will also want to pick up a single brush for the corners of the walls, a drop cloth and a roller or two.

A common reaction to the decision to sell a house is to begin lots of home improvement projects to up the value. However, don’t put in more money than you may get out of it. Newly painted walls can make a big difference, but redoing the flooring just before a sale may not be worth the expense.

New siding will help you maintain the inside temperatures of your house and it will reduce your energy bills. An extra layer of insulation will keep your house cool in the scorching summer months and warm in the freezing winter months. This will add up to some serious financial savings.

First, be sure the earth beneath the steel shed’s location is free of tree roots and graded fairly smoothly. Next, place several layers of visqueen plastic on the graded earth. Make sure your contractor uses a line level in building his forms. After the concrete is poured, hand your contractor lengths of eight inch threaded rod to be placed in the concrete on spots marking the corners of your new building. This will make anchoring the building far more simple than drilling through the concrete afterward. After a well deserved break of letting the concrete pad dry, your steel shed is ready for the next stage.

Try to group your how to install home improvement by project in different toolboxes for better organization. For example, a plumbing toolbox could contain pipe fittings, wrenches and PVC glue. Use another for electrical jobs that contains switches, voltmeters, zip ties, fuses, etc. This way, you can easily find your tools by project when you need them.

Plan first, and plan well- do not commit the mistake of not being able to plan before you try your hand in DIY home improvement. Any project, executed without a clear plan in mind is bound to either fail or finish unsuccessfully.

This Old House is based upon the wisdom of those DIY wizards from the show: Tom Silva, Norm Abram, Kevin O’Conner, Roger Cook and Richard Trethewey. Each is an expert in his own particular area of construction and remodeling. Each is a very good teacher and demonstrator also. They make the installations, alterations and home improvements look so doable and non-threatening for the novices like myself.

Bulls Eye 1-2-3 is heavier than any similar product that I have seen or used. Applying this product could most closely be compared to spreading roofing tar or asphalt sealer with a brush or roller. It is possible, but it is not a pleasant experience. If you don’t mind the idea of spreading tar with a paint brush then Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 is probably an acceptable, affordably-priced primer/sealer. However, if you like to use a primer/sealer that can actually be spread with a soft-bristled paint brush, you may wish to consider one of the many alternatives to Bulls Eye 1-2-3. The extra few dollars may be money well spent.


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