Doorbells Have Sure Come a Long Way since 1800s

When you come to think of it, the beginning of everything is always interesting to know. History is just so fascinating because the thought of learning about things, events and places that had existed or occurred before we came will surely stir one’s curiosity. Even the origin of the least complicated things such as the doorbell is something you would want to hear.

As weird as it sounds, it is important to know how the doorbell came about. Well, aside from the fact that its invention marked the development of some other things, there is a colorful story behind the formation of the first doorbell. If you are to expand your imagination, you will be interested to know why people of yesterday felt the need to create a sounding device at the doors or gates of their houses. What were they using before the first doorbell was crafted? The truth is that doorbells are luxury items during the earlier times. More than just an object to inform the resident of a visitor, this seemingly ordinary article is a valuable decoration outside the house.

Manual doorbells


Before the electric doorbells were developed, people had very simple ways of learning about a visitor. They use door knockers for these purposes that were not just simple dull pieces of metal or wood. The knockers of yesteryears were fashionable, vogue and classy. The medieval castles are still standing today or vintage homes that have survived the test of time have stylish door. These knockers are designed with one part attached to the door that is connected to the other part by a hinge. They are lifted up to make a sound that resembles a knock, only stronger and louder. There are metal door knockers too which produce a metal clang to awaken or alert the host. There is a more backward doorbell used in the past. It is similar to a church bell, only smaller. It is very common because it’s also convenient to create. You just have to attach a string to a large bell, and there you have it, a literal bell on your door. It serves the purpose well and must have overdone it because this doorbell creates a louder sound. However, it also takes a fair amount of strengths to ring the bells continually.


Launching of electrical bells


The introduction of electricity to the daily lives shifted the old times to a new era. It was the beginning of several technological advancements that marked the world history. Behind the huge discoveries during the time is the humble creation of electrical doorbells. It was in 1831 when Joseph Henry invented the item. At the start, it was not the perfect electronic piece. With continuous effort to improve the doorbells, the sound range was further adjusted and the other important factors incorporated to improve the quality of bell and its sound.

As a result, the first fully functional doorbell was created in 1900’s. The annoying ‘Bzzzz’ sound of the very first buzzer was changed to a ‘ding-dong’ sound that we normally hear in modern doorbells. The more developed forms were crafted in the late 1920’s by giving a musical twist of sound to these door chimes. Since this last design was developed, the sphere of doorbell production has never been the same again.


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